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T3-Cytomel (Liothyronine) is a form of thyroid hormone used to treat hypothyroidism and myxedema coma. It is marketed as the sodium salt under the brand name Cytomel (orTertroxin in Australia).

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What is Masteron Propionate (Drostanolone Propionate)?

Masteron Propionate (521-12-0) and Masteron Enanthate (472-61-1) are variants of Masteron with a small difference. They are both injectable and are common among bodybuilders. The main difference between the two is the dosage administration and their half-life. Masteron Propionate dosage is smaller but given every day since the drug works fast and clears the body within a short period.  Masteron Enanthate dosage, on the other hand, is given once or twice a week but in larger amounts since it works slower but clears the body faster.

Masteron propionate powder or the drug is easily accessible in the market, Contrary to Masteron enanthate whose availability is unpredictable. Generally, the similarities between the two steroids are more than the differences. Very few points can be gathered on Masteron enanthate vs propionate.


How does Masteron Propionate works?

Masteron propionate (521-12-0), also known as drostanolone propionate is the original form Masterone thus comparing it with Masteron enanthate, it wins in regards to popularity. Most steroid users recognize Masteron as the brand name of Masteron propionate.

This steroid offers exceptional anti-estrogenic and anabolic properties. Comparing this anabolic steroid to others in the market, it can be termed as moderate. Nevertheless, it boosts your ability to build up more muscles. Before a competition, Masteron propionate will help you shed off some body fat and prevent water retention as you pack on lean muscles.

Masteron propionate is one of the first few anabolic steroids widely known and was produced for the first time in 1959. Together with other anabolic steroids like  Superdrol and Anadrol, Masteron propionate was manufactured by a chemical laboratory know as Syntex.

To minimize research cost, Syntex worked with other laboratories with an agreement to sell the research results and findings of the research together with the partner organization.  Lily laboratories had an opportunity to sell the compound using Drolban as the brand name in the United States. Syntex, on the other hand, could access international market under Masteron brand name.

Within a short period of time, Masteron propionate became famous in Portugal, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, and Spain. It also gained popularity in the United State. In the 1960 ’s, the Food and Drug Administration in the US permitted the use of the steroid for medical purposes after which its popularity grew even more.

Women dealing with advanced breast cancer were the first to use the Masteron dosage for treatment. majority of the women using the drug were postmenopausal. The success of the drug in the United States made it more known worldwide.  unlike testosterone dosage, which was used before, virilization is minimal when using an equal dosage of Masteron. Female patients and doctor were informed of the difference thus opted to use Masteron.

Women who administered a dosage of 300mg or more per week experienced suffered some side effects such as clitoris enlargement, hair growth on the face, deepening voice and acne. To combat this side effects, patients reduced the dosage but still enjoyed the many benefits Masteron could offer.

Bodybuilders and athletes were not left behind, more so in the 1980s. They utilized all the good things Masteron propionate could offer to produce lean muscles. However, after the many athletes started using it in recreational settings, the United States government discouraged its use. a large number of Masteron producers quit its manufacture and sale voluntarily. Toward the end of the 1980s, production of this drug had reduced drastically. The only remaining laboratories producing the steroid in the western countries were situated in Belgium. Production of Masteron seized completely in the late ’90s after the remaining laboratories were closed.

Although there is currently no law hindering the production and sale of Masteron for medical purposes in the United States, pharmacists are unlikely to restart its manufacture any time soon. Probably due to its chemical characteristics.

Masteron propionate is simply DHT only that it is slightly modified. A methyl group is added to the Carbon 2 Position in the compound structure of DHT. This slight modification boosts the anabolic strength of Masteron through improving its metabolism resistance. When administered, Masteron anabolic substances take longer to metabolize thus increasing the steroids half-life. Rapid metabolism mostly in the skeletal muscle tissue is thus avoided. The Ultimate Guide to Methyltestosterone for Bodybuilding

Onto a 17beta hydroxyl group, a carboxylic acid ester is added to modify the steroid. An esterified steroid features less polarity thus are absorbed slowly in the body compared to free steroids. Hence modification too magnifies the half-life of Masteron propionate. The esters therefore have enough time to detach themselves from the Masteron compounds to allow them to move freely and quickly all over the body. Users will not be required to inject Masteron propionate as many times as before since a dosage can last for more than two days in the body.

Masteron propionate dosage for adult males is around 300mg to 400mg weekly. Precisely, the 100mg injection should be given daily for six, seven or eight days. Women should use a lesser amount of the drug to avoid virilization; approximately 50mg. Women who use 100mg or more per week normally experience virilization.

This drug does not necessarily cause an increase in muscle mass. For this reason, many users consider it a weaker steroid. Other athletes handle the drug inappropriately thus do not enjoy its benefits. With a body fat mass of more than twenty-five percent, you might not notice any physique changes after using this steroid. In short, users should lose body fat before administering the dosage.

Masteron propionate cycles

Masteron cycle for beginner

For beginners, the cycle should be approximately 12 weeks with a weekly dosage of 300mg to 500mg of testosterone enanthate and 400mg of Masteron enanthate. In this stack, the enanthate variant of Masteron is preferred since it works well with testosterone enanthate. Also, when using Masteron enanthate, fewer injections are administered. Users can choose their preferred testosterone dosage from a range of 300mg to 500mg. The choice may be based on their experience with testosterone or the benefits they wish to gain from the compound itself. The main aim of this cycle is to introduce  Masteron to the system and its effects. Masteron features aromatizing effects thus there is no need of introducing another aromatase inhibitor to counter aromatizing effects of testosterone. However, it should be clear that Masteron does not exhibit very strong aromatase inhibitor effects compared to other inhibitors such as LetrozoleAromasin, and Arimidex. In case a stack contains many aromatizing compounds, then the user should consider introducing another stronger inhibitor in the dosage. Gynecomastia has been common among users who stack Masteron with aromatizing compounds like Testosterone and Dianabol.

Intermediate Masteron propionate cycle

This is a 10 weeks cycle. The dosage requirements include 100mg testosterone propionate weekly ( or 25mg per day)and 400mg Masteron propionate per week (can be given in doses of 100mg daily). Week one to week eight, the user should also administer 50mg to 70 mg off Anavar daily.

The intermediate cycle is meant for cutting and hardening of the physique and at the same time for fat loss or lean mass gain. This should follow very minimal fat gain and no water retention as long as the user is under a diet that triggers the attainment of these goals. Testosterone is added in the stack to ensure that the required amounts of testosterone needed in the system are available since the production of natural testosterone is suppressed by the use of anabolic steroids. For this reasons, the user has to go through Testosterone Replacement  Therapy with a dose of one hundred milligrams per week. In this case, the proper and normal functions triggered by testosterone are not affected. With the low testosterone dosage, chances of aromatization are minimal thus there is no need of including an aromatase inhibitor in the stack. Masteron aromatase inhibiting abilities are enough in this cycle. Anavar and Masteron are the major compounds that will aid in lean mass gain and fat loss without water retention or fat gain.


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