Terms of Sale and Conditions

Firstly: I am on the few suppliers who can guarantee surreptitious postal security and 100% anonymity primarily from within UK, there is almost no chance of any intervention from the authorities and the likelihood of packages being seized is almost zero because of my connections. This means that almost all orders I dispatch are certain to be delivered if the buyer complies with my terms and also provides valid details. Orders not received have a high propensity to be refunded or resent depending on the actions of the buyer.

Secondly: If you are in any way hesitant or concerned then please “do not order” If you wish to proceed you should read and comply with my terms and don’t create your own narrative.
DISPATCH: Guaranteed dispatch before 1pm (weekday cut-off) Orders later than 1pm normally dispatched the following day. Make sure you submit in good time as there is often lead time latency. Please allow sufficient time for delivery to take place before you request tracking especially as UK is next day delivery.

NOTE: delays are normally down to the postal system postal address (outlay), size of package, mail centre or operatives, location, Customs or in rare events loss. (See Terms)
Combined orders: To avoid complicating this issue we now combine only within UK.
Order change request: To avoid confusion or complications we normally cannot/will not change the items ordered, we will instead cancel and advise you cancel then reorder correctly rather than make the request.

Cancellation: Do not request cancellation after submitting your order because unlike other sellers, i immediately dispatch.

GUARANTEE VOID: The chances of successful delivery is reduced when providing Universities, HMO, Parcel Motel, Parcel Locker, Pakstations and PO Box’s or similar 5%-20% of packages sent to drop-off stations/centres are often subjected to adverse scrutiny by authorities causing possibly seizure. Incompetence or theft by employees is another major risk. Another major problem is unnecessarily claiming RTS (Return to sender). We strongly advise using mainly residential or business address.

Noise & Rattling Paranoia within a package! Quite often people complain about rattling pills myth. Facts are, one of the biggest sellers online is vitamins & toys which essentially rattle, now does anyone ever thinks they are contraband. Years of experience suggest noise never raised any issues or caused any problem shipping within low-risk destinations so this should alleviate any psychological aspects regarding concerns. Shipping Worldwide or higher risk obviously is done differently.

Note: Feedback. Leaving negative or derogative profane feedback in order to coerce blackmail before allowing an offer of resolution will immediately result in retaliatory feedback along with being permanently blocked from further purchasing. Resolution is always offered amicably without malevolence.

Messages: All messages are answered at the earliest opportunity however if your message has not been answered within 12 hours, please send again as it may have been missed due to receiving an increasingly large volume of messages daily. Please, to avoid confusion Do NOT message on one site in relation to orders on another site.
Understanding Postal Mail Service.
Please Note: UK = United Kingdom. EU = European Union. WW = World Wide
All Tracked orders are applied with enhanced stealth as well as ensured delivery, refund or resend ONLY if terms complied with and abided by. High-risk = Delivery into the country completes the contract on my part.
Delivery Time = Delivery days = Weekdays only, weekends & Bank Holidays excluded. All packages dispatched before 1pm cut-off weekdays, 9am Saturday using secure, surreptitious efficient methods please allow sufficient time for delivery to take place before requesting tracking.
1st Class UK = United Kingdom Normally Next Working Day although Often 1-3 Days Depending Upon Location, Dispatch Time, day or year.
Special Delivery UK = United Kingdom Signed Tracked Special Delivery Guaranteed Next weekday depending on location, time of day order submitted. (Tracking immediately provided ONLY if there is a problem).
Priority Airmail EU = Europe Standard Fast Airmail. 3 – 7 Days Depending Upon Location dispatch Time, day or year.
Priority Tracked Signed Airmail EU = Europe Secure Guaranteed Delivery Signed Tracked Fast Airmail Service. 4 – 9 Days Depending Upon Location Time of day or year. (Tracking immediately provided if there is a problem).
NOTE: ALL Tracked Signed: The recipient SHOULD sign for the delivery.

GUARANTEE VOID: Invalid address details or format. The buyer’s responsibility is to provide a valid delivery address format in full without punctuation, a valid delivery name & postal code spaced in English selecting the correct postage option otherwise incorrect/invalid details may devoid any guarantee resulting in loss of payment, items or both. RTS will result in loss. You must not apply unnecessary text incorporated into the address such as “name” “address” “postcode” “street. Examples can be provided. For more information see – royalmail.com Invalid details WILL result in loss.

Important: To comply with mail service terms it’s the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they sign for the package especially if a non-residential address is used, should they allow a third party to sign then full responsibility is with the buyer.
Postal Cost. The postage paid is often less than the actual cost specifically for guaranteed services.
Note, Incorrect items received, discrepancies, damages etc.: Buyers must make contact within 24 hours of receipt; essentially retain all packaging and contents (Photographic evidence required). Additional replacements dispatch must be signed.

Refunds: A full refund, resend or resolution for almost all orer only if terms are complied with and before leaving unnecessary hostile derogatory feedback or threatening messages and only if the allotted time has elapsed to allow the initial delivery to take place. (See Above) Failure to comply will result in loss.
It’s the buyers responsibility to accept or rearrange delivery if out. Refusal of signed packages will result in buyer’s loss due to false return address

NOTE: Late Delivery & Disputes: 100% guaranteed refund or resend to genuine cases only if secure postage option selected, terms complied. Contact must be made ASAP (Maximum Special Delivery = 24hrs. UK = 3 days. EU = 7 days. WW = 9 days) Failure to comply may result in loss. Re-sent packages must be signed.
Missing/Lost/Late deliveries: R/M requires TEN working days to elapse UK & 21 working days EU/WW before an item can be declared as lost.
NOTE: By ordering, you accept my terms above. Should you not want to accept then please refrain from ordering. Thank you.
High-risk examples: Americas. Australasia. Scandinavia. Far East. Medium risk: Éire. Netherlands. Russia.
I do NOT export dispatch any items excessive in structure size or weight
REFUND’S reshipping ONLY if the package has failed to reach the destination country and not for instance if an item is X-rayed or seized by Customs due to a blacklisted address for instance. I take the greatest of care packaging and dispatching surreptitiously without alerting the attention of authorities (packages are often held and then released by customs such is the quality of stealth) It is impossible for me to know if the delivery address has already in some way been compromised or blacklisted by purchasing previously from incompetent sellers who do not take the precautionary measures I incorporate.
It is ESSENTIAL the delivery address is correct and the address format MUST be valid. If uncertain, contact me.
Delivery time normally 3-7 working days Europe and 4-9 days worldwide, once delivered into the designated country i have fulfilled my responsibility at which point i have no control over your mail system, mail service or authorities so cannot ensure they would proceed to your expectations (consider this before ordering)
I will not dispatch unless i am confident the items posted have the greatest chance of successful delivery as I want to avoid confrontation and hostility. Please do not purchase if you are in the slightest concerned uncertain or intend to create hostile negativity.

Do NOT USE: HMO, Parcel Motel, Parcel Locker, PO Box, University or address similar, only residential and certain business address qualify.
My success rate to high-risk location is around 92 – 98% depending upon quantity, size and value. My percentage is greater than other vendors due to reasons above along with years of surreptitious clandestine practice. If you cannot comply or meet these expectations then please DO NOT order.